Why Choose Us?

Home Hemo Solutions has designed a product to meet our growing HHD needs. Because our Home Hemo Box is prefabricated, it allows for simplified installation standards. This expedites the installation process, which in turn greatly reduces installation costs to maximize your profitability.

The HHS Home Hemo Box also:

  • Ensures standardized installation at each patient location regardless of the contractor performing the installation
  • Meets standard US plumbing and electrical codes*
  • Can be customized, depending on local regulatory needs
  • Increases patient safety with non-interchangeable fittings and easy-to-read labels for component connections
  • Can be installed in nearly any home*
  • Can be uninstalled and re-used rather than becoming a permanent fixture in a patient’s home should HHD no longer be an option.

*Keep in mind:
Installation in a slab-type constructed home with no crawl space will be more difficult.
Extreme modifications to the device due to stringent local codes may require additional turn-around time.

For more information about our pricing structure and turn-around time for delivery, please visit our How To Order page.