• The Home Hemo Box...

    ...provides a clean and esthetically-appealing
    central location for:
    •    ◘  Water
    •    ◘  Drainage
    •    ◘  Electricity (including dedicated 20 amp GFI for K@Home)
  • The Home Hemo Box...

    ...ensures standardized installation at each
    patient location, with:
    •    ◘  Clearly labeled connections
    •    ◘  Multiple points of access
    •    ◘  Pre-installed outlets and fittings

"Most nephrologists (kidney doctors) say they would choose home dialysis if their kidneys failed—and not just because they have medical training. Nephrologists are aware of the positive impact that home dialysis can have on people who choose it, and many believe that home dialysis is used too little. In fact, nephrologists say that survival rates would improve if 25 percent of people on dialysis in the United States did PD and 11 percent did HHD."

- Dori Schatell, MS and Beth Witten, MSW, ACSW, LSCSW